Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dyepot - sunny yellow

Large jar full of Showy Goldenrod

Volunteer Sunflower-y flowers I used. If anyone knows what the birds planted in my yard, let me know!

Jars in the sun, no yarn yet.

Closeup of the Marigolds and sunflower-y flowers.

We start chasing the sun.

More sun chasing and the yarn is in there now.

Showy Goldenrod on the top, Marigold and Sunflowers on bottom. I did not take before picture but the yarn was bright white.

There was so much interest in my sun dyeing; I figured I would write it up. I harvested goldenrod – about as much as would fit into the large glass jar I used the dye in. Then added hot water and set it out in the sun. The other color was a combo of marigolds and these volunteer sunflower-like flowers that are growing in my yarn. I did the same to them. I got both jars going early in the morning. About noon, the water had started to color and I added yarn that I had pre-mordant-ed with alum. I left the yarn jars in the sun, and chased the sun around the yard a bit. I left the yarn in the solution overnight. The next morning I allowed the yarn to partially dry then rinsed by soaking in warm water for 30 minutes then set it to dry completely. This was commercially spun mohair.

have fun dyeing - Julia


  1. wow! that yellow is amazing. Is it permanent or will it fade with washing?

    1. It should be permanent, however, I plan on keeping an eye on it to see. Weaving up this yarn now.