Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Card Weaving for the Next Meeting

 You will need ten cards like this, these are cardboard and could be made from posterboard or cereal boxes. The four corners are rounded over and the four edge holes are labeled a-d to help you with warp threading and with knowing your place while weaving.
 My hand to give you an idea of how big to make the cards.
You will need thread or yarn, what I am using is cotton. I have seen nice ones in pearl cotton, this cotton, or lightweight yarn. I used 3 yards of length. I have patterns for 4 colors. Your edge color is also your weft so pick one you have a lot of. You will need 16 strands of color 1 (edge color,) 14 of color 2, 8 of color 3, and 2 of color 4.
You will need a few pieces of waste yarn for tie-offs and a small shuttle. If you are tieing to yourself bring something (or wear a belt) to tie around your waist or bring c-clamps. You will need a stitch marker and a bag clip or pinching clothes pin.

 Weave in process.

I tilted this to show the shed. See you at the meeting! ~Julia